Homeowners bring the ‘Big Screen’ experience indoors

Homeowners are bringing the ‘Big Screen’ experience into the family home by converting empty rooms and garages into high-tech cinemas.

Creating a bespoke media room to host film nights for family and friends is becoming increasingly popular across the UK, say industry experts.

Not only do high-tech cinemas enhance the viewing experience of big film releases and major sporting events, but could also add value to the property, they say.

A trip to the cinema for the average family of four costs as much as £100, but installing your own high-end cinema could prove better value in the long run, says Nic Black, Managing Director of Pyramid, an award-winning audio-visual company in Devon.

Whether it’s converting an empty garage or making use of a bedroom after children leave home, installing the ultimate in home entertainment is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for many, said Nic.

“It is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners across the UK to embrace the idea of home cinemas and media rooms, not only for viewing films but for enhancing sporting events and gaming experiences,” he said.

“People want to create an environment to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. As people access more and more on-demand videos and high-quality TV content, within a year I believe we will see on-demand films released very close to cinema releases.

“Homeowners are recognising the desirability for this high-end technology and are also seeing an uplift in the value of their property as a result.”

Designers, architects, businesses and property owners can now ‘try before they buy’ as Pyramid opens the most advanced technology showroom in the South West.

Med Res PG Press Launch -3-4.jpg

The showroom in Plympton, Devon, houses a two-seater, 120-inch screen, 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos home cinema with integrated lighting and a triple layer of acoustics, all built into a room the same size as the average garage.

Also on display is a range of high-end smart home technology including the best in lighting, control and audio systems such as ‘invisible speakers’, which can be built into a wall and wallpapered over the top so interior design isn’t compromised.

Nic said: “Sound is a very individual thing so we have designed this showroom so we can take people on a bit of a journey. They can sit here with their iPad, play their music, road test different speakers and make their own mind up on design and quality of sound.

“We have created the most advanced technology showroom in the South West where people can experience for themselves the latest technology and discover the best options available for the space they have.”

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In 2017 Pyramid won ‘Best Home Cinema’ for its ‘technically perfect’ Dolby Atmos cinema installed at the home of self-confessed movie addict Vince Haines.

Vince, of Cambridge, said: “We decided to build our own house and I had always wanted a cinema. My wife is an architect and we started working with Nic right at the beginning of designing our home to make sure we got the acoustics right from the start. We did that before we even thought about the kitchen!

“The result is absolutely phenomenal. People are gob-smacked when they see it. It blows them away. It is better than going to the cinema. I’m an avid movie collector but even watching sporting events, it’s a whole different experience.

“Since we’ve had it, we’ve been talking to estate agents and it is interesting that swimming pools and tennis courts are not really adding value to homes anymore - people are looking for cinema media rooms nowadays.”

As well as Best Home Cinema, Pyramid was also awarded Best Lighting and Control Installation at the recent CEDIA industry awards, for its integrated system in the multi-million pound residential development Ladies Lake in Scotland. 

Written by Nic Black, Managing Director of Pyramid


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